Bristol Dialect.

Nowadays the people of Bristol represent a diverse mix of race and cultures however the distinctive local dialect or "Brizzle" is still very much alive. You may hear for example the addition of the letter "l" to the end of words ending in a vowel - " a great idea" in Brizzle speak is "a great ideal" or, the use of "to" instead of "at" so "where is he?" is "where’s he to?"

Here are some examples of words or phrases in common use:

Common words or phrases

Gert or Gurt|Really big**

Me lover|My friend**

Hark at ee|Listen to yourself**

Mint in it?|It’s good isn’t it?**

Alright me Babber?|How are you?**

Where bis to?|Where are you?**

Where’s Attoo?|Where is that?**

He do’s it|He does it**


Mind|You know what I mean (used at the end of a sentence)**