Street Art


Bristol is a great place to sample street art and if you have a keen eye you will find many fine examples of this urban culture popping up in unexpected places throughout the city.



For an effortless introduction to some of the finest examples of graffiti art, take a walk down Nelson Street near the city centre. It was here in the summer of 2011 that the  "See No Evil" exhibition was born. Dozens of Street Artists from the UK, USA, Spain, Holland and Brazil transformed the walls of the buildings with their unique, talented and artistic view of life. In August 2012 most of the artwork from the 2011 exhibition was erased and once again Street Artists descended on Nelson Street to create a fantastic new display: "See No Evil 2012". It is a feast for the eyes for street art lovers and the general public alike.



Elsewhere in various city locations you can find the work of one of Bristol’s most famous street artists, the mysterious Banksy. Banksy, whose real identity is shrouded in secrecy, is world renowned for his anti establishment, stencil style street art. You can see one piece of his work, an image of a naked man escaping an irate husband by hanging out of a bedroom window, on the side of a building at the bottom of Park Street. The best views of this are from the small bridge on Park Street that crosses Frogmore Street. Another famous example by Banksy is  the "Grim Reaper"  painted on the side of the Thekla Nightclub boat - you can view this from the harbourside at the waters edge opposite the boat. Read more..

Photograph by N Hindmarch