Weather Overview

If you want to start a conversation with an Englishman make a comment about the weather – the Brits are obsessed with it!  We are used to being prepared for anything no matter the weather forecast – a bright hot sunny morning does not mean we won’t have a shower in the afternoon.  

Bristol has a temperate climate so generally speaking the summers are seldom very hot and the winters aren’t extremely cold. 

The coldest temperatures are in January and the warmest in July and August. You can expect rain at any time of the year but snow is rare. The average rainfall per year is 31-35inches (79 to 89 cm).

Spring. March – May
Spring is a popular time to visit Bristol when the weather becomes pleasantly warm and more settled although there is always the risk of a shower. The trees are coming into leaf and the parks come to life with a mass of colourful, spring flowers. Sometimes in May the city enjoys a minor heat wave but the evenings can still be rather cool. It’s a good idea to have a jumper or jacket to hand in case the temperature drops and an umbrella for those unexpected showers.



Summer June – August

June heralds the start of summer and longer daytime hours. The weather is usually getting progressively warmer and the open spaces in the city throng with people relaxing and watching the world go by. July and August continue in this vein but rain is still possible. Bring lighter clothing for this time of year.



Autumn   September – November

Although officially the start of Autumn, there is often an "Indian Summer" in September and it can still be quite warm. It feels quite cool in the evenings and the daylight hours are getting noticeably shorter. By October there is a distinct chill in the air and a golden glow in the parks as the leaves start to change colour. In November there is a chance of frost. Warmer layers of clothing are required now.


Winter December – February

Winter frosts are quite likely now with a very occasional flurry of snow. It is quite rare for snow to settle for long periods and there are usually some fine, crisp, sunny days during these months. Make sure you have a warm coat, scarf and gloves with you at this time of year.