Summer Fun in Bristol: Best Outdoor Experiences for Sun Seekers


Beat the heat and make the most of summer in Bristol with these top attractions

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If youʻre booking your trip to Bristol last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours and experiences!
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1. Explore Clifton Suspension Bridge

Marvel at the engineering masterpiece that is the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Walk across this iconic bridge and enjoy breathtaking views of the Avon Gorge. Don't forget to capture some stunning photos!


2. Discover Bristol's Street Art

Bristol is famous for its vibrant street art scene, with works by renowned artists like Banksy. Take a street art walking tour or explore the city's alleys and backstreets to discover incredible murals and graffiti.


3. Cycle the Bristol to Bath Railway Path

Embark on a cycling adventure along the picturesque Bristol to Bath Railway Path. This 13-mile trail takes you through lush countryside, charming villages, and even past an old railway tunnel. Don't forget your bike!


4. Explore the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Discover Bristol's diverse art and heritage at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. From Egyptian mummies to modern masterpieces, the museum offers an exciting journey through different eras and cultures.


5. Experience Outdoor Theatre at Bristol Old Vic

Catch a captivating outdoor theatre performance at the historic Bristol Old Vic. From classic Shakespeare plays to contemporary productions, this renowned venue offers a unique and unforgettable theatrical experience.


6. Stroll Through St Nicholas Market

Indulge in some retail therapy and explore the vibrant St Nicholas Market. From local produce and street food to vintage clothing and handmade crafts, you'll find a treasure trove of delights in this bustling market.